Good growth.

Ahhh. It’s officially 2019. This year, with the holidays falling in the middle of the week, it seems like a quieter season than in years gone by. It’s been blissful for me personally. It’s also been a good time to reflect on the past while looking toward the future—all while attempting to find presence in the ever shifting current of moments. The past, present and future all combined in one somewhat arbitrary moment as the calendar numbers change but not much else does—that’s quite a lofty moment to be present in. There’s certainly a fine balance to achieving that.

Running a business is almost always a dance with finding balance. Designers who work on events, release dates, etc. are often working hard to meet deadlines that require fast thinking, quick action, and well-crafted turnaround. It’s one of the things that I love about the business, and after all these years, I’m really good at it. Maybe it’s akin to the feeling runners have when they run a race or when dancers master complex choreography before a big performance debut. There’s an adrenaline rush at times. Other times it can feel like time and space just stop and the process merges into a “flow of life.” Balancing all of that quick “running” and “dancing” with an occasional slower pace is good practice.


Two or three months ago, I passed an estate sale sign posted on a street I recognized. A long-time friend of mine who passed away a few years ago lived on this street in a beautiful Victorian house with her husband. She was instrumental in the success of my business in its infancy by offering guidance as well as collaboration with new client relationships. She was strong, opinionated and not afraid to speak her mind in business, politics, or relationships. Being somewhat meek, introverted and shy at the time, she scared me at times with her boldness. I absolutely loved it too.

So to my delight and as I suspected, this estate sale was in her home. It seems her lovely husband is remarrying and making room for his new bride. It’s more evidence of the beauty of life lived well. I perused the sale and picked up a few tiny beautiful things that reminded me of my friend as well as a sad little orchid that had been passed over. My history with orchids has been more disappointing than not, but bringing it home didn’t feel like a risky investment.

Remarkably, pausing for that sale has given me sweet insight. Within a week or two, the orchid almost immediately sprouted a new leaf and several buds.

I’ve practiced yoga for over two decades. It’s one of the ways I find balance. One of my teachers would often quote one of her teachers: “Slow growing is good growing.” I’ve pondered that lately not just in terms of yoga but also in life. This quote was meant to instill mindfulness. Watching this new-to-me orchid was an example of this lesson.

If you’ve never waited for an orchid to bloom, you may not realize that they take their sweet time. They require patient attention, nurturing, just the right amount of light and maybe even a touch of suspense. They seemingly pause until those who wait for them can truly appreciate the blossoming. Once an orchid finally blooms, it’s quite a spectacle to behold. This particular one has had me especially mesmerized.


Pausing is healthy. We all intuitively know this and sometimes we have to remind ourselves. Slowing the pace a bit creates fertile ground for smarter growth and greater creativity. With two orchid blooms opened and several more to follow, I enter this new year eager, refreshed and ready to roll.

I remain true to all my clients’ needs and am so very grateful for the “races” we run together. I also welcome the pauses we give each other to integrate, nurture and grow. Whether over holidays, vacations, weekends or those spaces between projects, these pauses help foster the “blossoming” of our work together. I’m excited about the great potential in our work ahead. It’s certainly what I love to do! I hope you enjoyed the holidays too and look forward what’s ahead. Happy New Years!