The Evolution of a "Slash" Career

I recently read an article from Forbes about millennials who have "slash" careers. While I'm not a card-carrying millennial, I certainly resonated with the article. It states how valuable someone who says things like “I’m a lawyer/writer," or "I work in marketing; I’m also a professional actor," or "I’m in tech, and I have photography business on the side," can actually be an asset to their employer (or in my case, clients), contrary to what some traditionalists may think. The article is a great read as it offers what I consider to be a new wave of the future that many creative types have long embraced, whether millenials or otherwise.

As a teaser, here are some of the reasons those with "slash careers" are such a valuable resource:

1. They are motivated and take initiative.

2. They have a diverse skill-set.

3. They are creatively fulfilled..... Their creativity spills out into your company.

Those that personally work with me soon find out how highly motivated I am to not only do my very best for each and every client and their customers, but also to live a life that makes a difference in the world. Much of the time, I do this alongside my treasured client(s). Other times, it's outside of the office walls of Studio Haus.

In addition to design and illustration work, I also practice and teach yoga. I'm an avid hiker and admitted nature geek. I love to read and hear live music. It's refreshing to find that many of my clients manage multiple interests as well and we support each others pursuits with heart-felt encouragement. All of this "extra-curricular" activity we embrace as individuals combines to make better team members and fellow earthly beings. And the benefits of all of these interests and pursuits we have within and outside of our primary career help to fulfill our collaborative endeavors in more meaningful ways.


I've been at this design thing for quite a while and it continues to amaze me how each and every project taken on has a completely fresh new feel to it and how enjoyable that process of discovering and uncovering its unique gems is. The pursuits of a creative career coupled with the ethics of business truly thrive when met with all the different perspectives that result from the collaboration on a project. It is a welcomed and valued opportunity every single time. Sharing the results of this process with the community it is offered to carries great responsibility that I'm proud to be a part of. It all comes down to mutual respect, honest communication and quality connection. I'm so very grateful for the opportunities to share these things we love to do.