Everything in Time

Today marks the 21st anniversary of Studio Haus. Throughout the years, this anniversary has always felt like a perfectly placed day of gratitude for me in this month of Thanksgiving. This life of running a small business allows me to play some part not only in the path of how to live a creative life but also in promoting general goodness in our community as a whole through the work we partner together on.

This little studio has brought some of the most wonderful people I may have never known otherwise into my periphery and in relationship. It is quite clear to me that it's only because of all of these relationships with clients, companies, friends and family that Studio Haus has succeeded all these years. The teamwork we've built together has truly been an honor.


So in the month where many of us share our gratitude, whether around a Thanksgiving table, or as we watch the seasons change to quieter and more reflective days, or as we complete that fantastic project that allows us to continue to share what we love, I'd like to add my deepest gratitude to everyone who has helped build this foundation of roots so that our great heights of accomplishments could be achieved.

As I reorganize my office and art studio, my personal artistic pursuits have had the brakes on for a bit, but I was able to spend a little time with this theme below that fits nicely with the season of grounded-ness, and growth. May we all continue to reach great heights together. Best wishes for the holiday season.