Quantifying Success

As a team member in implementing my clients’ marketing plans, it’s not always easy to identify exactly when a campaign reaches that perfect level of success. Success relies on so much more than just the marketing: a good business plan, a finely-picked professional staff with interns/volunteers; the needs within the target market; the support of the community—all of these things and more work in tandem with a marketing plan that has consistent and clear messaging and branding to create broader success.

Case in point: alongside other community advocates, Natalie Corwin, as president and CEO, has carefully crafted the groundwork for the success of Pet Community Center in Nashville. Launched in 2011, this non-profit has seen incredible success. In 2015 alone, 6,741 dogs and cats were spayed/neutered; 1,869 pets were served through their mobile wellness program; 2,046 fewer animals entered Metro Animal Care and Control’s shelter compared to 2014.

In 2012, Nashville’s shelter euthanasia rate was 76%. In 2014, PCC opened their Humane Alliance spay/neuter clinic. “Nearly two years after opening [their] clinic, shelter intake is down nearly 40 percent and and euthanasia has decreased to 27 percent.” I’d say the success of this organization has HUGE implications!

PCC has grown so quickly that they now are in need of an expansion of their surgical suite. They have “reached surgical capacity at 700 animals per month.” In order to meet their expansion goal, they are running a crowd-funding campaign through Generosity by Indigogo.

This month, I send out the request to help them reach their goal because I whole-heartedly agree with their tagline: pets are family. Please donate $5, $50, $500, or more to help support the success of my pro bono client. I certainly love what PCC is doing to help animals live better lives and how they make our community a better place. Won’t you be a part of this success?