Wishing Better Days Ahead for All

The New Year is upon us again, and, as usual, I take the symbolism that people attach to this holiday and apply it to my own life with new goals and optimism. 2016 feels big to me for many reasons, one of which is a new venture in design that has been in development now for a little over a year. If you've talked to me in person at all about my work in in the past few months, you know how excited I’ve been. This venture started out as a personal experiment to see if I could stick with some new projects of my own creation (i.e., motivating myself without a client deadline). My impetus has been one that has been inherent to my personality for most of my life: expressing what I find beautiful in life in a visual way.

A lot of crazy things seem to be happening in the world these days, and like many of us, I've been reflecting on what drives people to ignore their conscience and do hurtful things to others, both personally and globally. (Lest you think I am riding a high horse, I include my own shortcomings in this generalization.) I don't know that I have many answers, much less remedies. But as someone who often has been pegged as having a Pollyanna attitude toward life, I still hold firmly to my belief that at everyone’s core there is goodness and a universal need for love and kindness. When that love and kindness isn’t emphasized in one’s life, distortions of the innate goodness occur. I tend to agree with the statement made by Tibetan Buddhist teacher His Holiness Karmapa Ogyen Trinley Dorje that “the most dangerous thing in the world is apathy.”

In my struggles to understand our collective ability to turn a cold shoulder to others’ fundamental needs, positive words of wisdom kept bubbling up for me that needed expressing in other ways than words. Eventually much more light-hearted expressions evolved from there. Since this work feels so personal, I'm a tad nervous about sharing it—but I've not made it this far in my career without facing my fears and making the jump.

So here goes…. Without further ado or hesitation, here is a sampling of some of my latest pieces that I hope inspire friends and strangers alike as I dip my toe into the world of surface design. Click the links below to view the gallery of new images. I'm excited, hopeful and having a wonderful time. Now begins the promotion, even if only at first to my most loyal followers. I hope you'll stay tuned for updates, and please share your feedback! ‘Tis a gift to be able to declare honestly that I truly love what I do—but also an honor to share it. I hope the same is true in your endeavors. Happy new year!

I'd like to express big gratitude to the people who nurtured and encouraged this newest batch of work the most: thank you Lauren Lowen, Lucie Rice, Barbara Ball, and Dee Ann Pickering. Cheers and wishes for great success in the New Year and all that follow!