Fresh Look. New Attitude. Renewed Gratitude.

Most artists get nervous when unveiling new work that they've spent so much of their time refining, perfecting, obsessing over, refining and perfecting some more, and then, after a lot of angst, deciding it's time to release it to the world, thereby opening up doors for anyone's opinions and critiques—but also hopefully, just maybe, a dose of praise. For me, this process is especially true when the project represents the personality and tastes of myself alone.

Well, I'm finally ready to nudge my latest "bird" out of the nest. Welcome to my new website! I’ve made it more functional, responsive, with better SEO, and so much easier to manage and manipulate on the back end. It's been a great ride getting all the details just the way I want them. This site has the great ability to morph as the work from Studio Haus does. I'm so very happy with the end result and with all the help along the way, especially from Noah, James and Michelle. Thank you!

Not only is this new site easier to navigate than the old one, it also features new categories, new work, and really wonderful feedback from my fabulous clients who took the time to complete a recent survey about our working relationship. I can't tell you how fortunate I feel to have crossed paths with every single one of the people I've worked with over the years, and those that I continue to work with. And I have no plans to stop! I am planning big things for the future and the success of my clients tops the list of those plans.

I hope you'll peruse the site to see some of what Studio Haus has been up to. Please share your feedback if you have any! I consistently welcome new ideas—they make our relationships stronger! And that's definitely what I love to do!