Timeline, Tribute, and Thanksgiving

Wow. Today marks the 19th anniversary of Studio Haus. It's been a wild ride full of wonderful clients, great projects and a lot of learning curves conquered along the way. I'm fortunate that I still wake up practically every day looking forward to creating something new. Sure, there are occasionally times when something feels like a struggle but it usually ends up being a challenge I eagerly accept with joyful effort. I am truly blessed to have a career that I love.

Each project I've been fortunate to work on has had an important place in the history of Studio Haus. This past month in particular, though, has shown me again what is most important: the influences and kindnesses we share with others in the world.

Nineteen years ago, I was an eager designer who had a smattering of freelance clients as I ventured out on my own (once again) after a stint in an ad agency that has since become one of the biggest and most successful agencies in town. I learned a lot there and made some dear friends, but the freelance world was always in my bones. The number of clients I worked with before taking the job at the agency were few but loyal, and in hindsight quite influential to my career. We renewed our work together as my freelance business began to blossom.

One of the very first people I ever worked with was a force to be reckoned with in her efforts to make a positive impact on the world, not only in her personal life but also in her career and any cause that sparked her passions. I'm not sure what initially inspired her to work with me, but she inspired great endeavors in every project we worked on. Her way with words, even in the marketing world, was always poetry and art. We've remained friends, and I always feel the magnitude of her optimism and hope for a better world whenever we connect. Her passions have in turn filtered into my work over the years. She's just that kind of person: big presence; big impact; big optimism for a better world.

This past month, I learned of her short time left in this world. That reality saddens me to the bones. It also breaks open my heart to the truth that we often make connections in this life, be they personal or professional, without fully realizing how much we affect others. The influence you may have on me will likely ripple out to others you may never encounter, and vice versa. It’s important to make it good when we can. Catherine taught me this early on.

November is one of my favorite months because of Thanksgiving. We give thanks and spend time with others over the sustenance of a beautiful meal, taking the time to look into each other's eyes and share what's happening in our hearts and lives. You know, the really important stuff. The work we do—it's important. I have no doubt about that. The lives we transform and are transformed by are really what make that work worthwhile. Our best efforts are worth the time it takes to perfect and refine our relations to others.

With all the recent events, milestones and remembrances this month brings to mind, I feel the great need to send out acknowledgement of and gratitude for the positive impact of every client, vendor and passer-by that has influenced me, my career, and in turn anyone I may have encountered afterward. You all have my deepest appreciation not only for the opportunities we've shared in business but also the friendships that have manifested. And especially to you, Catherine. I will forever think of you fondly and take your spunk, determination, and above all your kindness, and let it continue to ripple out into the world I share with others. Sending big love and gratitude to you always and forever. Here's to your beautiful life.