First Encounters & Heartfelt Endeavors

It’s the first of the year and it’s a time that I enthusiastically embrace new endeavors for 2014. My art directing/graphic design career has seen a long line of “firsts” and here’s another: my very first blog entry. Welcome to my computing with a view, sharing thoughts and summaries of the design world!

When I began using a computer in the late ‘80s through a college course, Apple Macintosh personal computers contained only kilobytes of memory. Those mere kilobytes were contained in a lovely little box of mysterious sounds and a tiny, mesmerizing, monochromatic backlit screen. The Mac case was smaller than my cat, with a fancy little floppy disc drive that created some even more interesting sounds. By today’s standards, it had very few bells and whistles, but it opened the world wide open for computer-generated creativity, supplementing and sometimes replacing the need for mechanical boards, PMT cameras, Rubylith, and even the non-photo blue pencil. (Boy, I’m really dating myself now!) I’m grateful to have come into my profession right at the cusp of desktop computer technology because it has given me a handmade sensibility toward digital creation. Back then,  I was enthralled, in love, and bewildered all at once. And I still am.

That vast openness of the beautiful and creative unknown in that little desktop box, along with the two or three computer programs I was slowly learning to use back then, has since grown much more than I ever imagined it would, with some software casualties along the way. (Remember FreeHand and PageMaker?) Fast forward to today: we rarely ever mention file sizes in kilobytes, and I use at least four graphics programs daily in my work as a designer and artist. My computers have grown in physical size and weight since those early days, then shrunk back in size again (I now use a laptop as my primary computer), but their power and speed have far surpassed that spinning wheel icon’s status of days gone by.

Even today the changes taking place are bewildering. In 2014, handheld devices are projected to exceed desktop computers when it comes to Internet surfing. This means it’s more important than ever to make sure your website is mobile-friendly. People are spending less time reading and more time scanning for quick and succinct info. It’s no secret that we’ve become a nation of sound bites and info bits.

Studio Haus has taken these things to heart, with some simple website updates making navigation easier from mobile devices. Please take a look if you haven’t visited in a while, as there are some new samples of work in nearly every category of the gallery. There's even a new category called events! Feel free to leave feedback and share your memories of early computing. And don’t forget to stay in touch through Facebook and LinkedIn. Better yet, pick up your phone or send an email and tell me how things are working in your world, and if you need help with any of your existing graphics or a complete overhaul. It’s what I love to do. Have a wonderful 2014!