About Christa and Studio Haus

A simple icon captures the essence of a big concept or invaluable brand… and amplifies it. The perfect typeface communicates an organization’s personality. Illustrations and photos draw your attention to and explain the written word or express the emotion. Color and texture help cement the message, changing browsers into buyers and customers into loyal fans. Putting these elements to work for you can transform how your business communicates to its many stakeholders. In the right hands, it’s how artistic influence begets commerce.

Christa Schoenbrodt, Studio Haus owner/art director/designer, brings insight from over 20 years of experience in graphic design and art direction. After working in various design studios and ad agencies in Louisiana and Tennessee, even winning her first ADDY while in college, she started Studio Haus in 1996. Over the years, Studio Haus has been awarded graphic design and illustration contracts with clients ranging from corporate to book publishing to non-profits.

Her portfolio includes a diversity of projects like large and small business brand identity development, book covers, music and product packaging, entire marketing campaigns, signage and illustration. Each project brings fresh material for a new perspective and another opportunity to bridge a connection between your business and your customer. Schoenbrodt’s inspiration comes from listening closely to you and asking the right questions.