Hot Off the Press

It's been a productive year already and I expect there will be much more fun to share in the coming months. This month I share a project that is "hot off the press:"

2018-02-01 09.30.48.jpg

I'm most proud of the design work that leads to greater things for others and Onsite continues that mission in bigger ways each year. My tool box is art direction, design and illustration; their mission is to transform lives in ways that help others through therapeutic and personal wellness workshops—all in an idyllic rural Tennessee setting. Their reputation spreads far and wide—both nationally and internationally. CEO Miles Adcox has been featured as a guest expert on many familiar channels and Onsite has been featured on 20/20, Good Morning America, The New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal. Dr. Brené Brown endorses their stature in the personal wellness realms. It is such a great and lofty endeavor to be a part of: to call people to their best selves through the design of a brand and brochure.

While I truly appreciate the process of reinvention, the subtle restraint and refinement of a brochure's design that already worked well in the past can be just as fulfilling creatively. This year's design is similar to last year's but with more beautiful new photography (thank you, Daniel C. White!) which gives Onsite's only printed annual promotion a fresh new feel. But that doesn't mean we skimped on the process. The photo shoot was just the beginning of a long process of refining copy, layout, photo positioning and the ever-tenacious but necessary process of proofing, ultimately to go to the printing press and the mail house.

If ever given the opportunity to tour a large offset printer's facilities, even if you've seen this process before, I recommend it. The presses are huge monsters, some bigger that mobile homes. To see it in action is a sight. Proofing the sheets coming off the presses under color-calibrated lighting and using digital technology for precise color accuracy on a paper stock that is also calibrated to a precise whiteness—well, let's just say it's not just the design and branding that makes a piece succeed, it's also an artful and scientific approach with vendors and products.

Having a great paper resource (Athens Paper, thank you!), an awesome printer rep who not only understands the process beginning to end but also the project's objectives (Twyla Clark, thank you!), experienced pressmen and bindery (Lithographics, thank you!), then finishing all of that with a great mail house (DNI Corp, thank you!)—all of these things are necessary ingredients for a finished piece meant to impress.

Working with people who have had relationships that span the length of long and fruitful careers help make a process flow with ease. We are most of all thankful to Onsite—we love what we do because of the incredible things that you do.

Yes, It Really Is....

Wishing everyone, every day, the happiest of times for 2018 and beyond! Here's another bit of hand-lettering using one of the many tools in my "toolbox"—the iPad Pro, what I fondly call my pricey sketchbook. I'm so grateful that the curiosity and exploration of the creative process continues to live on in me and I look forward to partnering with clients and friends in the coming days to foster more of it. May we all find the things we love to do and find successful collaboration, prosperity and happiness in those efforts! Happy new year!


Merry & Bright

Ho! Ho! Ho! it's the holiday season again and I'm embracing the merriness and brightness of it all. The spirit of the season for me is to find joy and share it with others. So this year, I continue a holiday tradition of creating something for the clients and dear ones in my life.

I have made custom holiday greetings for many years (with occasional breaks here and there during especially busy times). After commissioning a glass artist to make ornaments for a few years, I decided to embrace the laser cutting technology a couple of years ago by creating my own custom designed ornaments, and my goodness! It has been a real treat and addition to the creative production process. It is continually evolving and the substrates are getting more and more diverse while the laser cutting is getting more sophisticated.

This year I took advantage of a new process of printing custom designs on the substrate that the laser printer was trying out. While the first choice for substrate didn't work, the second was a bit better. With at least half of them turning out just as I had hoped, the other half were rejected for minor flaws. This is the price of experimentation and evolution with new processes and one that my creative side is willing to enthusiastically embrace. The vendor was nothing less than super friendly in their professionalism and perseverance as they continue to refine the process. The good news is that half of the pieces were a success and we now all have a better understanding of the process and can improve upon it in the future. And the future looks very merry and bright.

If you'd like to see the end result, you can visit my social media pages and if you're on the list, look inside your mailbox for a new arrival. I'd love to work together in trying this new process for creating your own unique gifts or products, please don't hesitate to reach out to me! I really love this process!

The gesture of sending and receiving holiday greetings is such a great tradition during these times when technology can kill that personal touch of tactile design. If you're interested in this year's custom greeting, don't be shy in letting me know. Stay tuned as I will post images on my social media pages so you can see the end result there. Happy holidays!

The gesture of sending and receiving holiday greetings is such a great tradition during these times when technology can kill that personal touch of tactile design. If you're interested in this year's custom greeting, don't be shy in letting me know. Stay tuned as I will post images on my social media pages so you can see the end result there. Happy holidays!

Everything in Time

Today marks the 21st anniversary of Studio Haus. Throughout the years, this anniversary has always felt like a perfectly placed day of gratitude for me in this month of Thanksgiving. This life of running a small business allows me to play some part not only in the path of how to live a creative life but also in promoting general goodness in our community as a whole through the work we partner together on.

This little studio has brought some of the most wonderful people I may have never known otherwise into my periphery and in relationship. It is quite clear to me that it's only because of all of these relationships with clients, companies, friends and family that Studio Haus has succeeded all these years. The teamwork we've built together has truly been an honor.

So in the month where many of us share our gratitude, whether around a Thanksgiving table, or as we watch the seasons change to quieter and more reflective days, or as we complete that fantastic project that allows us to continue to share what we love, I'd like to add my deepest gratitude to everyone who has helped build this foundation of roots so that our great heights of accomplishments could be achieved.

As I reorganize my office and art studio, my personal artistic pursuits have had the brakes on for a bit, but I was able to spend a little time with this theme below that fits nicely with the season of grounded-ness, and growth. May we all continue to reach great heights together. Best wishes for the holiday season.